Complaint Handling Policy

Our goal in the service is to provide the most satisfactory service to our users. We are open to all comments, suggestions and complaints that may contribute to the improvement of our services. Below is our complaint handling policy:

1. Lodging of complaints:

Users can submit their complaints via the contact form available on our website. In order to deal with your complaint as quickly and effectively as possible, please provide as much information as possible and your contact details.

2. Deadline for reply:

We make every effort to respond to the complaint as soon as possible. We usually try to respond within 48 hours of receiving a complaint. For more complex cases, the response time may be slightly longer, but we ensure that any complaint will be dealt with with due consideration.

3. Respect and professionalism:

Every complaint is treated with full respect and professionalism. Our customer service team makes every effort to resolve any situation fairly and in accordance with our policies.

4. Reporting on progress:

In the case of more complex complaints, we will inform you about the progress of the process. We strive to ensure transparency and fairness in our actions so that users can be sure that their complaint is taken seriously.

5. Continuous improvement:

We analyze all complaints to draw conclusions and take action to improve our services. We are grateful for any feedback from users, which allows us to improve our activities and provide an even better service.

We are committed to providing a satisfactory service to website users and to take any action to resolve any problems or complaints that may arise.